Asset Protection Planning Video Transcript

Susan: Did you know you can create your own pension that is even better than mine?

Sam: You know, your pension is great. It gives you income for as long as you’re alive. Now at Rubino and Liang, we do something very similar. We use fixed annuities, the feature called guaranteed income riders. Now let me explain; let’s say you’re 65 years old and you have $500,000 in a fixed annuity, with this feature called the income rider it will give you about $25,000 a year guaranteed for the rest of your life. Now let’s say a tragedy happens and after you get your first paycheck you pass away. With the companies that we use, the good news is that the balance of that $500,000 goes to the heirs which you designate as a beneficiary. Unlike your pension which goes away. In some respects, the lifetime income rider with this fixed annuity is better than a traditional pension.

Susan: You know I didn’t know any of that. None of it folks, and maybe you don’t either. I think what you should do is you should meet with Sam just like I did and see how you can create your own pension that is even better than mine. Simply click on the link to set up your free consultation.

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