Estate Management Video Transcript

Susan: Did you know with today’s lifetime income features on annuities if you pass away after you receive the first check the balance goes to your heirs or beneficiaries?

Sam: You know, one of the biggest misconceptions of annuities is that people think you set up this annuity, you get a paycheck, you die and the insurance company keeps all your money. That’s not true at all. In today’s world, there are new annuities that help you protect your money. If you die prematurely, whatever the balance is, it goes to your heirs with no penalties. They get it, nice and simple. Simply put, what you put in, plus any gains, less withdrawals your beneficiaries get. Pretty simple, very straightforward and it’s absolutely a must to keep your money safe.

Susan : I don’t think a lot of people know that Sam. It’s really good information and I’d like you to learn more about it. It’s called the lifetime income feature on annuities. Do you want to know more? Just simply click on the link and you can set up a free meeting with Sam.

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