Long-Term Care Planning Video Transcript

Susan: Did you know there’s a new risk that people are talking about? It’s called longevity risk.

Sam: Longevity risk, what’s that? Well simply put, it’s living too long. Look at your mom she’s 101, my mom is alive today and healthy, she’s 94 and my dad passed away when he was 97. One of the reasons why a lot of employers today don’t have pensions anymore is they don’t know where to begin. They don’t know how long people are going to live, they don’t know how to figure it out. A lot of employers are just simply buying out people’s pensions and they’re giving you a lump sum and they say here you go, figure it out, figure out what to do. In our practice, we actually figure out what to do for you, where it fits and how much money you’re going to need. When you do that we use products designed to give you that guaranteed stream of income and we call it paycheck for life. How to get income on autopilot. We use fixed annuities to do just that. Fixed annuities with income riders will do the job. That’s what people should be thinking about it.

Susan: Exactly what people should be thinking about and not thinking about going it alone because that’s just really not smart. If you’d like to talk to a retirement expert, really as I hope you will, click on the link and you can set up a meeting. A free meeting with Sam!

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