Your 365 Retirement Plan

Step 1. The Discovery Stage

Our first meeting is all about you – your concerns, dilemmas and ultimate wish list for retirement. This is a thorough question and answer session dedicated solely to you, and will help us create a solid foundation on which to build for our second step in the process.

Step 2. 365 Retirement Plan

Now that we’ve gotten to know you and gathered all of the important facts from our initial consultation, we can get to work on assembling your unique 365 Retirement Plan. This in-depth plan takes into account everything you related to us as important to you, and breaks it down into specific, easy-to-understand pieces. These could include solutions for where to best grow your savings, where your retirement income will come from, and strategies for protecting your assets for your loved ones and from the potential effects of aging, such as nursing home expenses and long-term care.

Step 3. Probability of Success in Retirement Analysis

Now comes the best part – we get to meet again, and present you with your unique 365 Retirement Plan! In your plan, you can expect to see how you are currently doing vs. how we can help you do things even better. Also included is a detailed fee analysis of your current portfolio, and solutions for getting a potential better performance with greater efficiency. We will also address your estate plan at this time, and consider the next steps for creating a new one if needed.

Step 4. The Implementation Stage

If we’ve made it this far, chances are we have all decided it makes sense to work together. We make it official and start the process of putting your 365 Retirement Plan into play.

Step 5. The Success Stage

Your 365 Retirement Plan is in place and we want you to have added confidence knowing that we will monitor your plan’s performance and make suggestions as needed to help you succeed. We are here if you need us, and you can plan on meeting with us at a minimum of once a year for a thorough check-up.

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