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Retirement Income Planning with Rubino & Liang

During your consultation with us, we will inform you of what we believe are the best available options and solutions for you and your family during retirement. Creating more stable and consistent streams of income is a major part of a successful retirement plan, and we utilize income-generating vehicles, such as fixed annuities, to provide you with income you cannot outlive, as well as protecting your assets from market downturns.

Rubino and Liang offer retirement income planning in Newton, MA and the greater Boston, MA area including Needham, Waltham, Brookline, Quincy and more.

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Retirement Income Planning Video Transcript

Susan: Did you know that fewer than twenty percent of the people retiring today will receive a pension? Sam, that’s not a lot of people.

Sam: You know, years ago people that retired might have a party, maybe a gold watch, pat on the back and they retired they had a pension. Well today people don’t have that pension. Years ago people had three sources of income; they had Social Security, they had a pension, and if they had some savings they’d withdraw money from their savings. Well today most people that retire don’t have that luxury, and it’s kind of like, here’s some money you figure it out, figure out where to get the money from. No one’s really one hundred percent confident that they will have enough income for the rest of their lives. Most of us retire with a 401k or IRA and we simply hold our breath, keep our fingers crossed and hope it lasts. There’s a much better way. There’s a better plan of attack which is to turn part of your retirement income into a foundation to make sure that you’ll get that income stream for life and you can make sure you’ll get a paycheck for the rest of your life.

Susan: It’s frightening if you don’t have all the information, believe me folks I know. Don’t go it alone. If you’d like to talk to a retirement expert like Sam who really knows what they’re talking about simply click on the link and you can set up a free meeting with the guy right here, Sam.

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